FREEBIE Update: Five Toes! Fingerplays, Book One: Pets

I’m so excited to say that as promised, my first book Five Toes! Fingerplays, Book One: Pets is going to be released before the end of the month!  I’m waiting for the update from Amazon that it’s live on Kindle.  Soon after that, the print title will also be available.

First, I have to say I’m a bit bummed that my original cover design can’t be used.  After working for so long on it, I really wanted this to be a concept image that would be changed to match the contents of the book. So, for example, if my next book is about farm animals, the foot would have mini farm animal images making up the silhouette of the foot.

But, the image just didn’t print well, and I agreed with a reviewer that the foot didn’t match the professional photographs on the inside.  I am pleased with the new cover and that I’m able to still incorporate the foot as the series logo! Besides, how could I not melt for that cute little mewing kitten?!Five Toes! Fingerplays, Book One Pets

Five Toes! Fingerplays, Book One: PetsI also have some cool news for you! For a limited time, the digital copy will be free to download on Amazon!  After the initial freebie period, the digital form will always remain free if you first purchase a hard copy cover!

Could I ask for some help from you? Here are four things you can do to support me at the start of this adventure without spending a dime.

  1. Download the book on Kindle when it’s released.
  2. Review it!
  3. On Facebook (and anywhere else you’d like to broadcast this news), share the freebie advertisement that the book is free for a limited time. I’ll make a specific post on Facebook once the Kindle version is available.
  4. Vote on the topic for the next book in series.

Thank you for your support!

Five Toes! Fingerplays

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