My Birthday Hope – Debt Free in a Year

Bobby and I moved to China primarily with one main focus: pay off our student loan debt.

I wish I could say we made strides towards knocking our debt out, but we’ve staggered. Since moving to China, we’ve only paid off around $12,000.  When we look at how much is left, $57,000, the amount seems insurmountable and $12,000 feels like nothing. We have other desires, too, like learning the language and loving the people.  And those other two desires many times trump our desires to pay off debt.  Also, we have needed to invest in our family financially to safeguard our family’s wellness.  Sometimes those financial investments really hurt due to their price tag and lack of physical ROI, but we can’t really regret these types of decisions.

If I had not gotten pregnant with twins, with both of us working full time, we could have comfortably paid off our debt within two years. But with me about to not work full time this September, we’ll have the two choices of living comfortably or knocking out or debt.  If we continue to live “comfortably” (eating out, purchasing out of convenience, not taking extra side jobs), then we will probably be paying off our debt for another four years.

But my birthday hope and my birthday prayer this year is that we would be debt free in a year.  I don’t know exactly how that could be possible, but that’s why this is a hope and a prayer.

This past month, I paid off the remaining balance of my Teach-NOW certificate and a stray end credit card. At the beginning of next month, I’ll be able to completely pay off one 6.55% loan group.  Even though it’s only $820, that’s one step closer to my hope and goal!

Join me for this year as we seek to punch our debt down to nonexistence – at the very least we’ll have an interesting year!

pay off $57000 of debt in a year


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