$4,564 Down: January Debt Review

I’m really surprised how this month turned out, not just because we’ve paid off $4,564 in debt.

The biggest unexpected expense we had from this month was my miscarriage. That’s really hard, right? I’m happy to give ourselves grace in this situation. We needed to spend ¥5000 (almost USD$1,000) on a RhoGAM shot since I’m RH negative and Bobby is RH positive. We’re not sure yet if insurance will cover that shot. There were additional costs not completely covered, but I’m also not sure on the totals. We’ll find out once the insurance bills start rolling in.

I would be lying if I said I wasn’t splurging a bit this month during our grieving process. We’ve eaten out a lot more this month than in previous months, and we’ve done some fun things as a couple and a family.  We did have people give us some financial support, which has helped to offset the cost of being in the hospital for five days.  We’re thankful we’re no longer in a situation where a financial surprise completely ruins us. We’ve also been blessed by food showering down upon us from the school and from teachers turned chefs.  I had some fabulous expat meals that I selfishly did not want to share with my hubby or kids.  Listen, someone gave me a chunk of ham she cured at home by herself.  Amazing. Sharing… well, I gave my husband a few bites.  The kids were conveniently absent while I devoured it.


We had extra cash saved up from last summer that enabled us to pay off so much in January. From that cash, we paid off the remaining balance of my Teach NOW certification program, our leftover credit card, and one loan for $821 this month. We should be able to pay off at least a second loan next month.

Our current debt total is $52,549.

4564 down

My goal is to save up $10,000 worth in RMB and then transfer that money at one time to pay off part of our loans. We’re at about 70% of that goal now.   We’re reaching this goal much faster than I anticipated since we got bonuses at the end of the school semester.

Projected debt pay off

The rest of that 30% and the next time we try to reach the goal, we’ll have to try a bit harder.  More of that income will hopefully come through a combination of my salary being almost completely unneeded and freelance gigs I want to engage. My blog makes me no profit right now, but I hope that will change before the end of the year.

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