$5861.89 Down: February Debt Review

We’re at $5861.89 down for the February debt review! I’m so excited!february debt review beijing china

I’m so glad that we decided to stay in Beijing for this winter instead of going on
holiday!  Our sanity plan actually worked out very well, and we’re going to repeat this type of schedule in the future when we need to focus on individual projects. I got so much work done with writing, and Bobby’s language improved drastically.

We also got a lot of quality time in with our children.  Rizpah consistently gave Bobby the cold shoulder when

I’m excited to announce for my February debt review that payoff this month was better than expected by a slim $150! We also are a mere 15% away from saving up our 60,000 RMB goal. Once we reach that goal, we’ll exchange and transfer at once to save on fees and time. Truthfully, we experience a bit of a headache when we need to transfer money out of China.

February Debt Review Projection

If my projections are correct, we’ll be at $600 on my birthday in 2016, so we’ll need to figure out how to get that $600 squeezed out of our budget!There’s a bit of ambiguity if we can even make that much since we’ll need to pick up some odd jobs this summer.  We need to make an extra USD$10,600 in legal odd jobs to be able to do what we want!

Again my birthday wish is to have it all paid off. It’s my birthday, I can cry if I want to… but I won’t, because $47,000 paid off is awesome! (Hehe… I couldn’t help the reference!) We’ll at least make a full pay off by the end of the spring in 2017.

We’re so excited and so thankful that we have been blessed financially. A mere four years ago, we were struggling in the US to even make ends meet to pay for food!

Also, I have great news.  Our school is hiring – teachers with state certifications and teachers with TEFL certifications.  Singles who come are able to save significantly more money than we are since we have more costs, (preschool tuition for two kids, feeding a family of four, etc.).  A teacher at our school was able to save up enough money to buy a house back in his/her home state.  Our area of Beijing is also quite inexpensive compared to the rest of Beijing.

If you’re interested in my school or the others in the area, leave me a comment or ask questions below about life in my little suburb of Beijing! Wouldn’t it be cool if you could one day have your own February Debt Review?!

I’m working more and more on providing great free value to those who subscribe to my blog, so don’t forget to do so and get my once MONTHLY e-newsletter – there I’ll giveaway free eBooks and other tools for my most loyal readers. For example, I’m currently working on an English and Chinese book list for parents within China including the links on where to find them.  That’ll only be available to subscribers.

Lastly,  I’m working on  an exciting book project called Chinese Food Is Most Certainly NOT Chinese. This is a collaboration between myself and a Chinese artist, who I’m still trying to decide pick!  Someone on my Facebook page suggested that I ask the three different artists to do a rough sketch of one of the scenes so I could compare.  I’m going to release those sketches on my Facebook page for a bit of polling to hear what others think!

Stay tuned for information about the Kickstarter/GoFundMe campaign to get the book published in China and into the hands of the expats who can relate the most. If you’re like – “Hey – why do you need a campaign for that?” In the States, publishing costs around $100 for an ISBN. That easily makes my book available to anyone with an Amazon account.

But in China, I could import books on that ISBN or get a Chinese book number for USD$4,000. Both options cost a whopping amount of money.  I’d like to have a bit of security knowing people here actually want the book!

Thanks for sticking around for the February Debt Review! I hope it encourages you to pay off your debt, too!


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