Language Skills and Chinese Roommates – My Life in China Episode 1

Language Skills and Chinese Roommates

Alyssa Studebaker graciously sat down with me to talk about her life in China for the first episode of My Life in China.

What I hope to accomplish through this blog is to connect people from all over the world with the diverse expat population in China.  There’s this belief that all expats who go to another country are white dudes looking to party.  Well, not all white dudes come here to party, and not all expats are white.  Also, not all expats are dudes.  I’ve heard some really interesting comments lately that some believe expats want to destroy Asian families.

Anyways, this series is meant to help dispel some of these stereotypes.

I also want to explore how traveling healthily changes what we believe about our own country and about who we are.

Alyssa’s comments about travel humbling the traveler resonate with many expats.  Alyssa had lived in the same state for most of her life, and she pointed out that no one really knows who she is.  No one even has heard of the state and city where she was born.

Alyssa’s skills in Japanese and Standard Chinese go to show that learning these very difficult languages is totally possible! Learning requires handwork, of course.  Alyssa has spent hours studying  to reach her goal of an MBA.

Through our talk, she reminded me of the great cost the older Chinese generation have paid to move China to the condition it is now.  Chinese and non-Chinese alike can all respect their sacrifices. Alyssa has had the unique privilege of having a 奶奶 as one of her roommates.

Make sure to watch the video to get the full look into Alyssa’s perspective on life in China and travel.

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