$17,500 Down and Counting!

17500 down and counting

I’m super late in posting this update, because I had so much trouble in getting money transferred! We’ve now figured how we can do this in a simple way, so I’m thankful for that solution.

Originally when I started to write this post, I thought we were way off track this month for our debt.

We did make some purchasing needs, like home air filters and outdoor masks due to Beijing pollution. That’s just part of life here. We also will be needing to scrounge around for some new clothes for Di (alias for our son - 弟弟 is the nickname for a younger brother). He is one year younger than Jie (alias for our daughter – 姐姐 is the nickname for an older sister). That little boy is taller and heavier than Jie!

But in actuality, we’re very close to on schedule. We’re $699 a bit over, but I haven’t calculated in any of the extra cash I have laying around waiting to be transferred. We’ve also got money saved in our bank for just in case emergencies here.

beijing teaching debt pay off

The best part of these past few months is completely paying off a whole loan group with high interest rates. We’re excited to see our snowball start rolling!

The save up for our next $10,000 chunk of change should happen a bit faster than expected, as I’m working part time with beijingkids until I receive my full time post in July. I should be making a double salary in July for my vacation month at the end of my current teaching contract. Exciting!

Again, Bobby will still have a challenge cut out for him to see if he’s even able to make what he needs to for the summer, but he did very well last year!


Bobby isn’t going to know what to do with himself when our debt is paid off. Seriously. This debt paid off gives us a whole lot more freedom than what we had before and now. Our current plans are for him to study the language full time. We must do this. How else will we fully function here among our neighbors? How else will we be able to help our own kids with homework as they grow older? We want them to be bilingual speakers.

We’ve been throwing around the ideas of world schooling and what that might look like for our family, too. We shall see!

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