The Purpose of Marriage is NOT to meet All of Your Personal Needs

When we take a look at God’s design for marriage in Genesis and in Ephesians, we find a picture that is very different from what culture teaches about marriage.

Everything from Disney movies to romance novels show a picture of marriage that is largely dependent on self or society. The marriage relationship is displayed as finding an ultimate purpose, as helping people to become better versions of themselves, or simply to produce children for a society that would otherwise sputter out and die.

When we take our desires and try to find out joy in our spouse, we are often met with heaps of dissatisfaction since our spouses were never meant to fulfill every single need we have. Only Christ can fulfill our godly needs and desires and bring us lasting contentment.

God’s purpose for marriage has multiple reasons, but one primary reason is to help us all find our ultimate joy in Christ, as a Christian marriage points both the husband and wife and the onlooking world to the picture of Jesus loving the church.

Listen to us share below. We’re looking forward to the upcoming Take 10 series looking at the purpose of marriage.

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