Do You Desire Sexual Immorality or Adultery In Your Heart?

It’s time to put the faults of your spouse aside and take a good, hard look into the well of your heart. Would you be willing to honestly answer the question, “Do you desire adultery in your heart?”

To make this clearer, let’s put biblical parameters around adultery. Jesus radically challenged the Pharisees when he said that adultery is the same as “looking at a woman with lust” in the heart (Matthew 5:27-28).

Adultery and sexual immorality are often paired together in passages, from Proverbs to 1 Corinthians 5 and 6 to Ephesians 4, with Paul instructing that those who are adulterous and sexually immoral (along with idolaters and drunkards) will not inherit the kingdom of God.

Do you desire to be sexually immoral?

If I’m painfully honest, yes, I desire both. I shamefully want to take what God has made as good, both sex and marriage, and twist it into something totally perverted. My flesh is so wicked that even after all of the pain I have been through from my past adulteries, it still cries out to be satisfied in this sinful way.

I know this is the truth because when I am walking down the street and a man glances at me, I enjoy that glory. I dress a certain way because I want attention, even if I know it’s within the confines of cultural modesty. I’m beautiful and I like the attention from being beautiful.

I struggle to keep a pure heart when a handsome man is around. When being intimate, I have to pray to keep my heart from wandering into areas of mind that are not pure. Thinking of someone else sexually is adultery. If I play around in those areas, I will surely fall.

My flesh cries out that it’s worth it, but my spiritual heart knows its not. It’s been there done that.

So once I realize I am being lured and enticed by my own desires (James 1:14-15), I cry out to God for help.

I pray.
I run.

I don’t dress up if I know I’m not strong spiritually.
I share with my accountability partners even if I’m just being tempted, not even if I’ve actually sinned.

I ask for prayer immediately if it’s really a strong hold on me.
I surround myself with the voices of godly women, of the present and of the past.

I remember that Jesus is a treasure, and that an eternity with him is totally, totally worth waging a war against my own flesh.

Seriously, Jesus was totally right that it would be worth it to cut off my own hands or gouge out my eyes if I had to.

I want eternal life not eternal condemnation.
That’s serious. The sexually immoral and adulterous will not inherit the kingdom of God.

Is that fleeting pleasure worth my eternity?

I hate that sexual sin corrupts every relationship it touches, from my relationship with God to my relationship with my spouse.

It’s just not worth it.

So though I desire these sinful things, I also need to know, what do I desire more?

Jesus or adultery?

Jesus or sexual sin?

I can’t have Jesus and them.

What will you pick?

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