Date Night! 30 Manly Would You Rather Questions

This blog has focused so much on running from sin, sexual immorality, and adultery that I realized I’m not encouraging some other important aspects of a Christ-exalting, Gospel-centered marriage.

In the future, I’m going to be sharing more about building accountability within your marriage, being vulnerable with your spouse, and also simply delighting in your spouse.

That means time to have some fun!

Bobby and I are pranksters, and we tease each other frequently. One of our first bonding moments was playing a prank on a group of university peers walking off campus to grab a bite to eat in the dark. Bobby and I “distracted” them by walking fifty feet behind them as our friend snuck up in front of them with a Burger King mask. They bounced away like beads falling from a broken necklace.

Clean, harmless laughter like this is good for the heart and friendship.

Out of that need to help foster love and community and friendship within the second most important relationship in our lives (Jesus being the first, of course), I created this fun little printable for you to spark some silly conversation.

Download it here:

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Now, this printable has a backstory.

One area where Bobby and I can’t agree that has produced a running joke is his beard. Try as he might, it does not grow in thick, luscious fringe like so many of his man friends.

Unfortunately for him, I don’t like the patches or the feel, and though I don’t purposely avoid kissing him when he grows a beard, it just somehow happens that they decrease in number and frequency.

But that doesn’t mean a lack of a beard makes him any less of my manly man! He can win in an arm wrestle with the other dude getting a disabled start. And when he does this in Beijing, it draws a crowd!

Discover the man in your husband with these 30 fun questions.

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