5 Weeks Off Of Sugar

I’ve been off of sugar for over 5 weeks now, and I feel free.

I look at cake and I actually don’t want it. Sweets don’t tempt me. One because I want my grand prize more than I want the sugar, but also because I really just don’t want that much sugar.


That’s an awesome feeling.


My face is much clearer than it was before, and I don’t have afternoon swings in energy.


I haven’t really lost any significant weight just yet (3 kg or about 6.6 pounds). That’s actually mostly because I still have an eating problem in general.

I turn to food when I feel bored or when I’m emotionally taxed. It’s a comfort, but at least it’s not currently at the level of being a drug when I’m just in a daze to get my hands on sugar.

Still, late at night, after dinner is finished, I’ll still really badly want an extra little snack, even though I’m not hungry and I don’t need it. I’ve given in a couple of times, but my accountability team finally put me on the spot. I’ve agreed to tell them every night if I’ve given in to late night eating or not.


There are tons of foods that have unexpected doses of sugar, and it’s a tad harder to read the labels here, but I have definitely learned the characters for white sugar and fruit sugar.

My favorite snacks and treats have been nori (seaweed), blueberries, strawberries, raisins, dried dates, dragon fruit, banana crushed up with pure cocoa powder, sugar-free yogurt popsicles, and tea.


A surprising result of no added sugar in my diet is that I have energy to actually workout. I was taking a break from exercise because of my neck and knee injuries, but I have felt great and actually wanted to push myself with different HIIT workouts.

I’m currently trying out VShred for their workouts. I honestly wouldn’t recommend this program because the customer interface is generally unfriendly and annoying, but I do like the workouts. I’ve been eyeing other programs that have become readily available and Facebook and IG both have flooded my feeds with, but I’d like to finish this first before trying anything else. Gotta get my money’s worth out of it first!

I’m looking forward to spring when I can get back on my road bike and get in shape again, as long as my neck is in good shape.


And of course, I was feeling great until I started my new job and stress and drama hit me in the face. I went to the hospital this past weekend, and I’m not sure if it was stress, dehydration, or something else. I am feeling much better though – no need to worry!


This coming year, not as a resolution but as a reality check and spiritual battle, I’m going to focus on the challenge of changing my perceptions about food and body image to ones that are God glorifying.

You’re welcome to join me!

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