I’m Quitting Sugar for a Year

Over the past six months I’ve had to take a hard look at my health since I joined a “weigh-in group” and gained so much weight when I went on my vacation to the US. I just binged that summer and it was terrible. I thought I could lose the weight easily, but it hasn’t been so easy.

In the weigh-in group, I would yo-yo in my weight so quickly and I also had trouble staying committed to an overall healthier lifestyle.

What I saw over these six months is that I am so addicted to sugar. I’m controlled by it. I see something sweet and it’s impossible for me to say no.

In my life, it has taken on the form of a drug.

Turning to scripture, as believers, we’re not to be controlled by anything. I’ve often turned to this passage due to my real struggle with sexual immorality, but I think many find that it’s applicable to several other types of struggles.

In short, we’re not to be controlled by anything, and though food is meant for the body, our stomach will be destroyed one day and we’ll be raised with new bodies, joined with Christ. Keeping this in mind, we are to glorify God in our bodies in all we do.

Our bodies are part of our stewardship. It’s something God has given to us as a gift. When we steward our money well, we do things with it that are wise. Sometimes the Holy Spirit will call us to something “foolish” like giving our savings away to further something God is doing in another country or to support a poor member of the Church, but this is always for the end of glorifying God. It’s also a joy to do this.

When I indulge in my sugar addiction, I’m not glorifying God. I just want to numb my emotions and get my fix. I want a high.

So this year I’ve committed to no sugar.

I made a graph with 365 spaces for me to color in and a list of reasons why I hate sugar.

  • It’s addictive
  • It makes me fat
  • It gives me acne
  • It makes me tired
  • It’s bad for my teeth
  • It ruins my goals
  • It’s got high, empty calories
  • It’s expensive in comparison to nutritious food

I also have picked a “prize” that I’ll get at the end of the year for completing the year sugar free. I’ll be able to save the money for my prize by not buying my typical sugary snacks.

I’ve now been sugar free for twelve days, and I’ll share about that experience more later, but I was also convicted and felt saddened that I had to pick a grand prize to find it worth it to quit sugar rather than desiring to glorify God in my body. I wish I could honestly say that I was quitting for that reason alone and that is what motivates me, but I would be a charlatan if I said that.

My prize of braces is something I’ve wanted since I was in third grade, and honestly it just feeds into my vanity even more. It’s something for me that I’ve never felt comfortable in getting just for the sake of it, but I did feel it was worth it to pick this as a prize to celebrate a year of no sugar which will be an incredibly hard task!


This coming year, not as a resolution but as a reality check and spiritual battle, I’m going to focus on the challenge of changing my perceptions about food and body image to ones that are God glorifying.

You’re welcome to join me!

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Picture: Oregon State University (Flickr)

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