About Vanessa


Here’s who I am.

First, I am a terrible human being. Seriously. Paul said that he was chief among sinners, and I trust scripture, so that must mean I’m sinner numero dos if he’s numero uno. I’ve committed adultery (three times), I’ve abused my child, I’ve cheated, lied, stolen things, judged others, and exalted myself. I blasphemed God’s name by how awful I have acted while claiming to place all my hope in Jesus. And I don’t say those things to wear them like crowns, but just to help you get the picture that I’m not the poster child for the next inspirational Christian wifey-mommy blogger.

Those things have weighed down on me, and from time to time they still do, when I don’t keep my mind set on the gospel and what grace really is.

The gospel is the good news by which Jesus Christ saves people from God’s judgment and wrath on their sins for all eternity. Being both fully God and fully man, Jesus Christ lived perfectly on this earth, fulfilling all the commandments of God which man himself has never and will never be able to do to the fullest. Jesus willingly died on the cross in obedience to God, offering his body up as a living sacrifice for man’s sin, taking the penalty of death and God’s wrath without deserving this punishment. He thereby purchased a people through his shed blood; these purchased people call upon the name of Jesus in faith to be saved from the coming judgment, wrath, and destruction that awaits those who exalt themselves as their own gods, working in wickedness, either in their actions or/and in their hearts. Those who instead have been humbled to receive salvation are Christians.

Salvation has come to me therefore not because of who I am or what I’ve done or what I haven’t done, but simply as a gift God chose to give me for some insane reason before he even made me. And now because of that gift, my new heart wants to love and obey my God with all that I am, even though my flesh wages a war against me because of the sin that still naturally dwells within its membrane. I love what one author wrote, that Christians are not necessarily better or worse than other people, Christians simply take the stance against sin that God does. We hate it, and we hate what it does to ourselves and this world.

Devotion journaling Vanessa Jencks

I tell you all that, friend, so that you may be saved day by day, built up and encouraged too. You may also be fighting that flesh that wants to drag you away from the sustainer and creator of this universe, so let’s fight. The stakes are too high to be caught sleeping, with our faith failing. Join with me as I seek to apply the gospel to every aspect of my life.

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