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Date Night! 30 Manly Would You Rather Questions

This blog has focused so much on running from sin, sexual immorality, and adultery that I realized I’m not encouraging some other important aspects of a Christ-exalting, Gospel-centered marriage. In the future, I’m going to be sharing more about building accountability within your marriage, being vulnerable with your spouse, and also simply delighting in your spouse. That means time to... Read More
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Delight in Your Spouse and Have Fun: Forgive without Bitterness

I suppose because we’ve been through so much, assumptions could be made about how Bobby and I feel toward one another. Neither one of us have been perfect, and I have deeply betrayed him. Interestingly, someone recently said to us that we look as though nothing bad has ever happened in our lives or our marriage. I can see why... Read More
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Looking at Pornography is Adultery

Adultery begins in the heart, where desires are lurking (James 1:15). Adultery, in its simplest terms, is having sexual relations with someone outside of marriage. God forbids adultery (Exodus 20:14). Consuming pornography is having emotional sexual relations with someone else outside of marriage. It doesn’t matter that the “someone else” isn’t physically present in the room. In the moment of... Read More

When the Mundane Prepares for Ministry after Hurricanes

Today I want to encourage you with a look into the life of Abbie Oehrig Sawyer, wife of Luke Sawyer. Their family has been working in the Dominican Republic via the Fellowship of Christian Athletes well before the terrible hurricanes this season. Due to the hurricanes, this interview is slightly incomplete, as some clarifying questions were left unanswered. I felt... Read More

Sowing Grace and Truth with College Students: Meet Professor Charity Yost Reed

I’m sure we’ve all heard a story like this, “Johnny was raised in a Christian home, went to church every Sunday, got baptized when he was 10, was an active member in youth group, graduated from a Christian high school, then went to college, met a liberal professor, and lost his faith.” Or another common example where professors shine in... Read More

The Purpose of Marriage is NOT to meet All of Your Personal Needs

When we take a look at God’s design for marriage in Genesis and in Ephesians, we find a picture that is very different from what culture teaches about marriage. Everything from Disney movies to romance novels show a picture of marriage that is largely dependent on self or society. The marriage relationship is displayed as finding an ultimate purpose, as... Read More

Could You Have Godly Love for Strippers? Forever Loved SC Does

In May of 2016, Morgan D’Avanzo began to hear the Lord speaking to her, telling her to start a strip club ministry. She remembered thinking, “That’s an interesting calling,” and continued to pray for several months. She called clubs to find out if she could deliver gifts, but all said no. After searching online, Morgan said, “I stumbled upon an... Read More

How Believers Can Stand Next to People of Color After Charlottesville

I believe the events at Charlottesville is a modern American tragedy. As believers, this should not have happened for us to all wake up and finally agree, “Ok, white supremacy and the oppression of people of color are both real and active.” We should have long before been listening to the voices of our brothers and sisters in Christ who... Read More

Are You An Awesome Accountability Partner? Here’s How You Can Be

Maybe this is a uniquely Millennial situation, but I remember that everyone and their duck got accountability partners in college. If someone was struck down suddenly by a sin struggle, usually sexual, the sure fix was to get an accountability partner. I was frustrated with my accountability experience while in college. I was the one primarily in sin, and my... Read More

My Husband Committed Adultery and I Forgave Him, But I Still Doubt (Bobby Answers)

Last week after my husband and I shared about my unfaithfulness in marriage, we began to receive hundreds of messages and comments from readers. They found my page or commented on the article through the social media pages of both Kirk Cameron and TheCourage. One particular question from a woman needed a full answer, so Bobby responded. See the question... Read More

My Testimony: God Reconciling Sexual Abuse Victim and Abuser

Click on the video to listen to me talk about how I became a believer in Jesus Christ, or scroll below to read my testimony instead. I wish I could share the whole story in depth of how I started to follow Jesus in writing, but unfortunately I do want to protect those who have been changed from old, sin-loving... Read More
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Beijing Bookworm Literary Festival Presentation: My Foreign Miscarriage

I love China, really, I do.  I love Chinese people. Then there was that one time I had a miscarriage. I cried many tears over the lost chance to play with the toes and fingers of my sweet twins.  I noticed I stopped daydreaming, since all of those dreams now acted as grievances with my body.  I also had culture... Read More
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To my Friends Grieving for my Miscarriage – Or Your Own

In the last three years, I’ve experienced several different instances of death concerning children. The first was witnessing up close the third miscarriage of a friend in the States. The second was my first miscarriage in the States. The third was seeing Daviana’s experience with Tiana after moving here to China. The fourth and fifth was witnessing from the outside... Read More
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Losing Tiana: How Daviana’s Story of Child Loss Changed Me

I’m not a fan of copyediting and copywriting. I really don’t like marketing gigs either. I just don’t have passion for helping people sell products I think are overpriced in the first place. But, I’ve had to pull my weight as a writer, just like everyone else. Once upon a time, I listed my own copyediting and copywriting Elance profile.... Read More