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Beijing Bookworm Literary Festival Presentation: My Foreign Miscarriage

I love China, really, I do.  I love Chinese people. Then there was that one time I had a miscarriage. I cried many tears over the lost chance to play with the toes and fingers of my sweet twins.  I noticed I stopped daydreaming, since all of those dreams now acted as grievances with my body.  I also had culture... Read More
To my friends grieving for my miscarriage - or your own Womanhood 

To my Friends Grieving for my Miscarriage – Or Your Own

In the last three years, I’ve experienced several different instances of death concerning children. The first was witnessing up close the third miscarriage of a friend in the States. The second was my first miscarriage in the States. The third was seeing Daviana’s experience with Tiana after moving here to China. The fourth and fifth was witnessing from the outside... Read More
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Losing Tiana: How Daviana’s Story of Child Loss Changed Me

I’m not a fan of copyediting and copywriting. I really don’t like marketing gigs either. I just don’t have passion for helping people sell products I think are overpriced in the first place. But, I’ve had to pull my weight as a writer, just like everyone else. Once upon a time, I listed my own copyediting and copywriting Elance profile.... Read More