Vanessa Jencks
Meet Vanessa Jencks

The purpose of this website is meant to encourage Christian women toward both Christ-centered local community and vulnerability, while fighting sin and loving (following) God wholeheartedly. Additionally, both my friends and myself who live in multicultural contexts are often challenged to consider what actual Biblical womanhood looks like in all womanly roles, as often-comfortable cultural stereotypes are dashed when we meet sisters from other cultures. Join me as I work through some of these questions. My hope for you is that you discover these resources to be refreshing.


Site Usage and Disclaimers

Two disclaimers for this site should be noted. First, this blog is meant primarily for women who already believe and follow the Lord Jesus Christ as their God and Savior and who trust in grace alone, recognizing to be redeemed sinners. It is not my intention to try to make converts through this website, and so I write and speak with the assumption that readers have a foundational understanding of the faith and Gospel.

Secondly, regardless of the background of readers, I will not approve comments that are hateful or biting toward myself or any other person using or commenting on this site. Though healthy dialogue and challenge is important, this is meant to be a safe place, not another corner of the web for judgment and anger to rule over mercy and grace.