Are You An Awesome Accountability Partner? Here’s How You Can Be

Maybe this is a uniquely Millennial situation, but I remember that everyone and their duck got accountability partners in college. If someone was struck down suddenly by a sin struggle, usually sexual, the sure fix was to get an accountability partner. I was frustrated with my accountability experience while in college. I was the one primarily in sin, and my... Read More

My Testimony: God Reconciling Sexual Abuse Victim and Abuser

Click on the video to listen to me talk about how I became a believer in Jesus Christ, or scroll below to read my testimony instead. I wish I could share the whole story in depth of how I started to follow Jesus in writing, but unfortunately I do want to protect those who have been changed from old, sin-loving... Read More
To my friends grieving for my miscarriage - or your own Womanhood 

To my Friends Grieving for my Miscarriage – Or Your Own

In the last three years, I’ve experienced several different instances of death concerning children. The first was witnessing up close the third miscarriage of a friend in the States. The second was my first miscarriage in the States. The third was seeing Daviana’s experience with Tiana after moving here to China. The fourth and fifth was witnessing from the outside... Read More