The Purpose of Marriage is NOT to meet All of Your Personal Needs

When we take a look at God’s design for marriage in Genesis and in Ephesians, we find a picture that is very different from what culture teaches about marriage. Everything from Disney movies to romance novels show a picture of marriage that is largely dependent on self or society. The marriage relationship is displayed as finding an ultimate purpose, as... Read More

How Believers Can Stand Next to People of Color After Charlottesville

I believe the events at Charlottesville is a modern American tragedy. As believers, this should not have happened for us to all wake up and finally agree, “Ok, white supremacy and the oppression of people of color are both real and active.” We should have long before been listening to the voices of our brothers and sisters in Christ who... Read More

My Testimony: God Reconciling Sexual Abuse Victim and Abuser

Click on the video to listen to me talk about how I became a believer in Jesus Christ, or scroll below to read my testimony instead. I wish I could share the whole story in depth of how I started to follow Jesus in writing, but unfortunately I do want to protect those who have been changed from old, sin-loving... Read More